Friday, February 23, 2007
Garter Stitch Toe
I knit all my socks toe-up using Wendy's pattern but I wanted to try changing the stocking stitch on the toe to garter stitch. I saw a garter stitch toe & heel sock pattern, Sixth Sense Socks on the Six Sox KAL & it was lovely but the pattern is written for a cuff down sock.
Well, I tried to be different & knit the sock toe-up - it was a tiring 3 nights as I experimented with the decrease row on the wrong side (which is supposed to be a purl row) but now it is a knit row - so how do you knit the wraps together ??? - after several attempts - I managed to figure it out - do a knit together tbl (on the RS) & a SSK (on the WS) - it looks alright but it's not perfect. Take a look at my 1st garter stitch toe ......

It's quite pretty & different from the usual stocking stitch toe & I am happy with it for the time being - maybe one of you sock knitters can share your experience if you have knitted a garter stitch toe using the wrap & turn method.

Ann -


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