Friday, January 05, 2007
Short Row Heel........ Conquered!!!!
Well, I had a war with 2 cirs, Cascade "Cloud 9" yarn and short row heel shaping. Ladies, let me tell you, it was no easy feat. The war lasted for 3 consecutive days, this knitter was stuck in the trenches of slipstitches and stitchmarkers, frog ponds x8, internet surfing x 6 hrs, all the short row picture tutorials I could stand, a hissy-fit of frustration x1, the tying on of the white handkerchief in near submission, a few swigs of coffee to steady the nerves, and one night of real rest. On the 4th day in the 2nd hour the battle was over Knitgirlll was the victor the outcome a short row heel. It wasn't as pretty as all the others I looked at but for all the hard work I had put into getting the concept I was one happy gal. I will post pics in a few days as my digital camera has died.


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