Friday, February 23, 2007
Suggestions needed
Hello Knitters!

I know one sock pattern and it is a very very basic sock. I know how to knit and purl. While I do want to learn how to do more, I am still a basic knitter.

What do you suggest for my first toe up sock? At the moment I have a colorway of Shaefer Ann. I have ordered some mystical creations and str and should have them any day. This gives me time to find a suitable pattern for one of these yarns.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I am watching a lot of beautiful socks being created on this blog!


Blogger Ann said...

If you want to knit your socks toe-up, my recommendation is to use Wendy's Generic Toe-up Pattern (on the right of this blog). I used that pattern for my 1st toe-up & have been using it eversince (after 20 pairs of socks). Good luck & happy sock knitting.

Blogger Secret Spindle said...

Heh, I think I am in trouble here, I don't even understand that pattern!


Blogger Ann said...

Take a look at this site for a step by step guide to short row shaping -
Good luck

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