Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Here is a picture of my toe ups, well one anyway. I could not get a decent shot of both (I know this isn't the best either), so to at least post the pic, I hoisted my foot up on the counter. Trust me, there is a 2nd one!:

I used Online sock yarn and because I bought one huge ball, I couldn't make them match. Oh well. It will drive me slightly insane, but I will wear them never the less. This is the first time knitting with this yarn, and it is okay to knit with, and feels so so on my feet. I kind of feel every stitch that I knit - weird. I was going to make a pair for my daughter Julianna with the left overs, but I don't think I will now. She won't like the feeling either.

I am glad I gave knitting toe ups another try as my first one was not very successful. The holes along the short rows were large and the cast off at the rib was extremely loose. This time around, things worked out great. I still have only two holes where I picked up the stitches after knitting the heels, but I can live with this.

I also learned the EZ sewn off method - dead easy and I can get my socks on and they are not too loose at the top. Yeah!

Hope you all are enjoying knitting yours!


Blogger KellyD said...

On the getting them to matchup thing. I'm the same way. You need to unravel a bit of the yarn and find a pattern and start your sock there. THEN when you start the second one find that section of the pattern again. It works realy well and all my socks match. Except the first pair. That my mom has because she wouldnt let me unravel them, the not matching made me nuts too LOL

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