Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Hey, that looks like a sock!
My sock went from this:

To this:

Then this:

And then:

This is when I wept:

But now it's okay. Finally.

Find out the details on my blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew!! That was rough!! Glad you have perservered!! Looking good! Does the cuff feel tight? If not, it looks fine to me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, the end result looks really great! It should make up for all the frogging trauma;)
Love the stripes & color btw. Good job.

Blogger g-girl said...

oh no...I felt that twinge of anguish when I saw those shots of frogged yarn. but yay, look @ the outcome! you've done wonderfully! i like how the stripes are coming out too. :)

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