Sunday, April 01, 2007
An Accomplishment!!!
Hi everyone!! I cast-on for my first pair of socks about two weeks ago and I’m doing it toe up. Mind you, I've never ever knitted socks before and therefore, this is really my first pair!! I was so excited!!

I used the Knitty Magic cast-on method and it really isn’t that hard. I used Wendy's short row method for the heel and the basket weave ribbing pattern for the leg.

However, althoug I cast-off using a much bigger needle in size 3.25 mm, the cuffs are still tight. I have to really pulled the cuffs in order to wear my first knitted sock :(

Which method is the best for casting off the cuff? Any suggestions??



Blogger Zonda said...

Gorgeous colorway! Great job on those socks! I love the Magic toe up! :)

Blogger erasmus said...

Although I've not knit socks yet, those are great. I've found to cast off around the edge on a glove to make it fit nicely I used a crochet needle instead of normal needles so that I don't pull back too much on the loops and therefore pull tight.

I also tend to purl cast off too so it looks prettier.

Blogger Susan said...

You Rock!!!
That is waaay impressive for first socks. You are a natural!

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