Sunday, March 18, 2007
Belated posting: Knit Picks Two At Once Toe Ups

I never got around to singing in when I was working on these, but I'm procrastinating today, so here they are. I used the Knit Picks Two at once, toe-up pattern and discontinued Knit Picks Parade yarn from my stash. With the exception of the heel, I loved this pattern. I would definitely make it again, maybe trying one of those afterthought heels that's formed like a toe (side decreases & closed with kitchener) instead. Oh, also, I accidentally started from opposite ends of by yarn balls, so the stripes are headed in different directions. Whoops! I didn't realize until several stripes in, and it didn't vex me enough to frog it.


Blogger Susan said...

I like the off-set stripes. Now you have the right and left identified...heheh.
Very, very cute...And bravo on two @ once!

Blogger Ann said...

Lovely socks & knitting 2 at once is great - I have been suffering from the 1 sock syndrome! I didn't even notice the unmatching strips - they are unique!

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