Thursday, April 05, 2007
Finished toe ups

I finished my first toe up socks last month, but haven't had time to post. I am totally hooked now! These first ones used a pattern from the Six Sox knit along group. Luckily the first project as I joined was toe up! I love the way they start with an icord--very easy to unzip and stitch up at the end. This photo shows the toe detail. On the last row of icord you use your main yarn and from there increase every other row until you have 72 stitches (in this case). It give a nice spiral look to the sock. These socks are finished. However, I forgot to take a photo before gifting these Spring time tennis socks to a friend. I am now working on a toe up the uses Wendy's wrap and turn pattern. I had a hard time unzipping the crochet without scissors on an airplane, but other than that I really enjoy the whole toe up knit experience!


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