Monday, April 09, 2007
My first toe...s

First I practiced the figure-8 toe as described in the Jelly Bean sock pattern with worsted yarn and big needles. I chose the jelly bean because the designer theoretically designed them for a large, wide foot like mine; I also thought that her pattern explanations looked pretty good for a first timer.

Anyway, I cast on for the actual sock and I had no trouble at all, except ... See the shape of that toe and the shape of my foot? I...don'! I know socks stretch, but I'm sure a bit wider toe would be more comfortable. I began again, starting with 20 initial loops in the figure-8 rather than 12.

Oh, and for the person who was wondering about the 2 circs method, I really like it! I am using two 16" size 0s--they are a great length and I can easily tell which ends go together. Things go much more quickly for me than with dpns, and I find it much easier to avoid ladders between two needles than four. If dpns bug you at all, 2 circs are well worth a try.


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