Monday, August 20, 2007
Lovein' It!

It is so amazing to try something new just because it is is different....and you end up loving it! I have been knitting socks for so long but always in the cuff-down style. I rarely use a pattern unless I am doing a lacey one. But toe-up called me--how could you turn the heel? I was intrigued! I stumbled on the short row heel used here, but it finally dawned on me what the goal was and it all came out just fine! The yarn, a superwash, is hand-dyed by JenyaLovesFiber , an EBay store; I spun it on my Ashford Joy wheel, the needles I used were 2.75mm by KnitPicks, the pattern for this was a freebie from Turtlegirl called Red Dwarf Socks.


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