Tuesday, June 26, 2007
First 'On-Your-Toes' Sock nearly finished.
Almost finished my first toe-up sock - one of the 'On-Your-Toes' socks from Summer Interweave Knits. The toe didn't look right at first, as I just couldn't get the Eastern Cast-on right. I had to undo them and use a provisional cast on, grafting the toe together afterwards with the Kitchener stitch. I prefer this toe anyway.

I love the rib pattern which fits snugly around your foot. I must admit, it was odd knitting toe-up at first, but I got used to it quite quickly, and just did what the pattern said! I've enjoyed learning new techniques and might try another pair of toe-ups after this one. At least my choice of patterns won't be limited now.

Will finish this sock tonight and it's matching one over the next few days. Will post a picture of the pair then, and let you know what my next attempt will be.


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