Saturday, September 22, 2007
I dub thee "Left Sock"
My first sock ever! I essentially knit it at least twice. Three toe attempts, and two or three rips on the shortrow heel, which was then too small after I finished it. Then a new gusset and flap heel, and two different starts up the cuff. I ripped back twice when I found holes from deeply dropped stitches. I worked the ribbing twice because my ribbing wasn't pulling in like I thought it should... I had to go out and buy 00 dpns. Then I made two attempts on the yarnover (stretchy) bindoff, which I ended up doing with a crochet hook--a valuable technique that was much more comfortable than all that pso'ing.

When I look at these, I am amazed at how my knitpicky perfectionism has mellowed over the years. This sock is full of wandering gauge and sloppy stitch issues. The sock is also too long by 1/2", but I don't care--better than 1/2" too short, which was way uncomfortable. I finished it a couple of months ago now, and I finally got "Right Sock" on the needles just this past week. I did Judy's Magic Cast On this time (LOVE IT!) and I'm planning a little different heel turn. Obviously, I'm not going to bother to try and match the stripes!

In between Mr Left and Mr Right, I was diverted by Nona's Sidewinders socks, which are worked longways, up and down the foot. I made ONE, and I learned a ton, but my guage was a bit floppy. I will frog it and try again. The pattern is free at


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