Thursday, October 05, 2006
Tangled Up In Blue
When I heard of this KAL, I just had to join as I love knitting socks from toe up. I only started knitting socks this year & was not really enjoying it because of picking up of stitches on the heel - my 1st pair did not looked right. Then I read about Wendy's toe up technique & decided to give it a try - now I am addicted to socks knitting & had knitted 4 pairs so far. I am knitting my 5th pair & decided to try a different technique for the toe - the Magic Cast-On....for Tangled Up In Blue socks, a free pattern from Persistent Lana Grossa's Fantasy Sock yarn (cottom/wool) ....
I only managed to get the Magic Cast-On right after the 3rd attempt & finished the 1st sock - love the way the heel was formed - easy & effective. I just cast on the 2nd sock & the toe is not really looking that great - may have to frog it & give it another try !

Ann :)


Blogger Rebecca said...

Congratulations, Ann! Your sock looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the patten with us, too. I will add it to our collection in the sidebar for others to use. I like the looks of your heel so it will be high on my list of future knits!

Blogger OzKnitter said...

Well done Ann! Glad you were able to get the Magic Cast-On to work.

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