Monday, October 02, 2006
My next attempt at a sock.
I've actually knit 2 socks previously, not matching and no longer existing. Yes, I frogged them both just before casting off. I am a process knitter and I LOVED knitting those socks. But this time I am determined to make a pair that I (me, myself) can wear.

I am going to use Windershins as the basis and include something from my Sensational Socks book for inspiration - since I almost never fool a pattern exactly.

I haven't decided which yarn to use yet, either the Magic Stripes that has been used before or Regia (rainbowy) or Texas (denimy) - all of them tucked away somewhere in my stash.

I won't be casting on until later this week, gotta finish 2 pieces of a belated baby shower gift first.


Blogger OzKnitter said...

Welcome Indigo. I too am knitting Widdershins.

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