Thursday, April 19, 2007
I started my first toe up socks using Wendy's pattern and have loved it from the start. I wonder why it's taken me so long to use this technique for sock knitting? I'm sure I'm not the only one. I know this is not the first photo but I wanted to show you that I needed to frog my first attempt because I found the stitches that I picked up at my provisional cast on where quite loose. It's hard to see here but if you look closely at the distinct line created by the change of colour, you might be able to see it. Fortunately, at this stage, you don't have a lot to frog so it really didn't hurt me too much. ;o) I used some fine crochet thread to start my provisional 'crocheted' cast on the second time around and although it was a bit fiddly picking those itty bitty stitches up, it looks a LOT better. You really can't see a difference in the stitches at all now.

So now I'm away and loving every minute of this technique. I can see now that toe ups will become my favourite method of sock knitting. I love that I'll be able to use up *all* the yarn and not be left wondering if in fact, I'll even have enough yarn to finish a sock as we do when knitting from the top down. This has inspired me to try a top down jumper (sweater) as well. I'm sure I'll learn lots of nifty little secrets when I start that project as well.

I actually started these a week ago and am about to cast off that first sock. I plan on using EZ's sewn bind-off. The most unusual fact for me, is that I can't wait to knit the second sock. There's a gazillion other patterns out there that I'd like to try and I have a ton of sock yarn (and still buying....shhhh) but yes, I'm loving these toe-ups SO much that I'm busting to start sock two! Yay!

Oh....... the yarn is Trekking colour #100 and I'm using 2.25mm Ivore dpn's which I LOVE for sock knitting. Just wish they came in shorter a length.


Blogger Tara D said...

Those Trekking colors look so pretty.

Blogger Ann said...

Welcome to the world of toe-up socks - I knitted my 1st toe-up a year ago using Wendy's pattern & have not stopped since - it's the best way to knit socks!

Blogger Micheleknits said...

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Blogger Micheleknits said...

I love the colors. Have you used this yarn before? How does it wear?

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