Thursday, October 19, 2006
New to Post my Purty Toe Ups
I'm sorry it took so long to post.

I'm actually fairly new to the sock world of knitting so the opportunity of joining this group and diving into toe up. I have been quite surprised that they fit like they were made for me. Oh yeah I forgot I am making them! dah. All kidding aside.
I think my toe looks good and like I said the fit is great. Everything is going well even though I did take the easy way out on the Widdershins and am knitting them in the Plain Sock (stockinette) pattern.

Next I will be heading into foreign territory called the "gusset" and "turn heel" land. I hope all goes well on this journey. I will keep you posted as to how this goes.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one of the most important things about my socks and that is the yarn. I just love it.....don't you? The color is Hannah by Yarn Pirate I have so many colors of hers. I always say enough, but then I see a new one or one color that I haven't seen before and I must have it. Bad, bad, bad make me feel so good, good, good!

I love all the beautiful socks that others have shared on this site. It's just so much fun to do this with others.

Keep knitting.

Stitches In Pink (Patty's blog)

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Blogger tiennieknits said...

Very, very nice Patty! You go on wit yur bad self!

Blogger OzKnitter said...

Lovely! Good luck with the gusset and heel Patty.

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