Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Working on....
My Anastasia socks! This is the right foot and this poor toe has been frogged at least 3 times partially and 2 times totally! I am using the magic cast on, which I really like, I just kept either dropping a stitch or not happy with the way the increases were looking on the side. The yarn has held up wonderfully with this too! All Things Heather Golden Pear sportweight yarn. I am however, getting quite the interesting pooling going on. All the pink/burgundy colors are going on the sole while the rest are up here. I'm going to start the second sock and continue with this and see if it works out. I really hate to frog them because I do like it, it's interesting and different, much like me! :)

OH, and this is my very first time using a real knitting chart...Once I got it figured out...I am knitting away!

Everyone's are looking so good!! Keep it up! Yikes, in a day or so, my first short row heel!! Wonder if I'll want to avoid them too! :)


Blogger OzKnitter said...

Personally I'm a pooling fan and like socks that are "mis-matched" or fraternal twins. It looks like your pooling is twisting off to the right, so you might end up with spirals of colour, which'd be kewl.

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