Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Loading up on Vitamin C to prevent "One Sock-itis"!
Well here is my first ever 'Toe Up"! Ain't she something!
As you can see, I am now working on "Toe Up" part deux. I'm feeling strong and I think I can pull it off. I just need to stay focused!

Thanks for the invite OzKnitter!

Happy Knitting All - Susan.

Almost forgot the stats!

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in 'Daffodil' #204
Needle Size 1

Thanks for looking:)


Blogger tiennieknits said...

Ooh great stripes!

Blogger Zonda said...

Nice job! Cast on..no SSS ;)

Blogger Susan said...

Thanks so much!
I working on the ribbing of the second sock, so I can see the finish line! Yeah for me:)

Blogger OzKnitter said...

You're very welcome Susan.

These socks look fab, very vibrant. What pattern are you using?

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