Friday, December 01, 2006
Anastasia Socks!
They are done! More pictures on my blog

Anastasia Socks

I used the Magic cast on! I really like that one! My short row heels went pretty well. The second one I understood so much better. I already have the next pair in mind to do this technique with!

The only mod is that I had to decrease the top ribbing to 7 rows as this happened!

Anastasia Socks!

I am so glad I held off binding off my first sock, as I had to rob from it to finish the 2nd one! Thanks for looking! :)


Blogger tiennieknits said...

Those socks are beautiful and how awesome was it to only have scraps leftover even though you had to rob from one.

Blogger Becky said...

Isn't that the best thing about toe-ups? Being able to use the yarn to the very last scrap.

Those are beautiful.

Blogger Saffron said...

Those are lovely! and congrats on the short row heels - I's still struggling with it. You give me hope! :)

Blogger Zonda said...

Thanks!! I think the hardest part about the STR is the wraping (making sure you do it right) and the knitting of those wraps!

Good luck everyone!

Blogger BlackRayne said...

Those are beautiful!

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