Wednesday, April 25, 2007
I havent done much over the last little while,the usual thing! TOO many things going at once,but i have done abit to these gorgeously soft socks that are destined to Hubby!
Now Ive put a close up of heel turn and am wondering if I have some how reversed the increases down to heel instead of up...
Any comments?
I love this BFL,its so soft,cant wait to start my own in the bright colours of yellow, pink and red!


Blogger Linda W said...

Love your yarn, and that looks like a beautiful heel! Would you be able to tell me where I might find the directions for that heel flap? I am thinking it will be a better choice for me. TIA!

Hi Linda,
I used the Widdershins pattern,hope thats how its spelt,lol, but Jaywalkers also use the flapheel and a couple of other Knitty patterns do too,choose one thats as simple as you can get it as I found it a bit confusing at first until I understood the principle behind it!Have fun and sorry I as slow getting back to you!

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