Monday, April 23, 2007
That's not the way you're supposed to do it ...
... but I don't care. I tried to start toe ups using a bunch of different methods and just couldn't get it right. So I got out the Queen Kahuna pages I'd printed and did it that way. My cast on edge remains kinda garter stitch looking but it is closed and I know it will be inside my shoe so I carried on up the foot using instructions from the trusty FiberTrends Magic Loop booklet.

And the yarn!!! I just got in this fabulous soft cushy cotton/lycra sock yarn and I am IN. LOVE. It is soooo soft and knits really quick on larger needles. I'm knitting on US5's because I knit tightly, but most people would probably use 3's or 4's. I dyed this yarn using Procion MX dyes and was surprised at how light it came out. But I'm enjoying how it's knitting up...really soft and pretty.


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