Monday, May 28, 2007
Jaywalker Disaster
Hi All,

This is my second pair of toe up socks and I'm using the Jaywalker toe up pattern. The yarn that I’m using is the Fortissima Socka Disco Sock Yarn that was given to me by a friend. I love the colours!! Don’t you think it’s very suitable for this pattern?

A few nights ago, I finally finished my 1st Jaywalker sock but guess what. I tried to put it on and uh oh!! I can't pull the heel part of the sock onto my heel!!! It’s too freaking tight!!! The leg section and the cuffs were ok. It’s the freaking heel!!! Why oh why???? After working so hard on the sock, I cant even wear it??

I wasn’t about to give it up. I pulled and I pulled and I pulled. I manage to put the sock on after two minutes of struggling with it. It look so nice!!! But, why is it so hard to wear it? It was also hard to take it off. So, I’ve decided to give it to my friend, who managed to wear it without as much problem as I did. Can those sock experts out there, give me some advise as to how to knit the next sock that will surely fit me?? Please????


Blogger Dharmafey said...

Don't feel bad! This is a common problem! I haven't knit a pair myself, but if I were in your shoes, I would rip back the heel and increase the needle size, or maybe add a few stitches for the heel and decrease them with the gusset decreases. Looks great in that yarn!

Blogger Nancy said...

The Jaywalker pattern has no elasticity at all. If you want to make them again go up a needle size. That's what I did and they came out much better.

Blogger dove said...

Thanks you two commentators, I have awful feet to fit because a lot of heart surgeries and a good case of diabetes. So it is heads up to make sure there is elasticity and change the size of the needles. I change needles down already in top down socks. Now it will need to go two needles up and try to stick to stretchy sock patterns only for toe ups. I do okay adjusting, but it is good to know from both, I guess all three of you to be aware of changes to come, thanks so much!

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