Friday, May 11, 2007
New To The Game
Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here and, obviously, my first toe up sock.

I'm knitting up The Boyfriend Sock by Slippedstitch for my significant other. I'm using Knitpicks' Palette in "Pool" and "Fog".

The stripe bands are ten rows tall and the colours seem to compliment each other alright. The yarn is admittedly a little rough and scratchy, but that's peruvian wool for you.

This is also my first time using US 0 needles. I've never used such small needles before but the sock is knitting up quicker than I expected. The pattern and moreover the colour changes give me little goals to work towards so the knitting becomes easier for me.

At this point, I probably would have been able to have this sock almost done if it weren't for life getting in the way. Hopefully joining this group will encourage me to pick up this sock more often though.



Blogger Zonda said...

Very nice! I like the colors and the pattern too! :)

Blogger Ann said...

For a 1st time toe-up sock knitter, you are fantastic - the sock looks really good & the color combination is great! Congrats.

Blogger Andrea said...

Thanks so much!!

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