Monday, April 30, 2007
First post here...
I've been a member of the First Toe Ups group since fall, but I've never posted before, as I never had anything to post about before. But right now I am working on my first ever pair of socks, which also happen to be toe-up, so I thought I'd finally make an appearance here.

They are made of hand-dyed KnitPicks Bare (the superwash/nylon version), and are being knit sans pattern, roughly following the Knitty Universal toe-up for now, though I'll be doing an afterthought heel and might do something resembling ribbing from the heel up because row after row of just stockinette is getting boring.

The photo is a few days old, they are at least an inch longer than they were when I took it.


Blogger Micheleknits said...

love the colors. I also went with the universal toe up on my first pair with the short row heel. I decided to do a different heel on the second. I'm using the heel from kitty2006. The instructions are good and the heel is reinforced
MIchele in PA

Blogger BlackRayne said...

Thanks, Michele!

I just looked at your profile - my husband grew up in Hawley! Small world! javascript:void(0)

Blogger annmarie said...

What a neat and tidy toe! :)

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