Saturday, June 02, 2007
One down,another on the way

Well I got stuck into the Hubby sock I originally started as in my first post, Im pleased with how it worked out even if I did get the increases at heel upside down....

In a fit of boredom I picked a ball of Patons Bluebell during lunch,that was used to mend a friends jumper(it was hiding in my knitting bag) and started another purely on memory.Ive got to the heel flap(thick ankles so not game yet to try short row heel) and now need the instructions.I think Im about 5 to 10 rows a bit long in the ffot but I didnt want a tight fit anyway.....

Species for both: Wendys Short row toe up for toes and I used the heel flap method from Beudelaires(hope thats spelt right),It took a bit to find a pattern with the right number of sts to coincide with these socks as I didnt want to try working it out myself til I understand the concept of a toe up in its parts... I added a 2x2 cable on either side of top with one st on outside before the bottom sts started!

Now I cant wait to start another even though I havent finished these.....


Blogger Susan said...

Wow! Both look really good.
Nice work ;)

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