Wednesday, October 24, 2007
First toe ups have begun + Bro Amos

I have a good beginning on this first of my toe up, on two circular needles sock. The plan is to add Brenda Dayne's Brother Amos pattern to the leg. I am considering casting on for the second sock and getting the other toe done and doing the two together.

Brother Amos is a great pattern and I am making a call out for anyone who would like to join me in a KAL. At this point, to get the pattern you visit Brenda's web site and click the Brother Amos tab at the top and donate a bit to get the pattern. I really want to do it and would love some net friends with me along for the ride. Use my blog to communicate for now to see if this drums up some interest! Kathy Knit with a smile, or else it is not worth it!


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