Friday, December 15, 2006
I Got it.......I Got it
Thanks so much to Craftapalooza for your suggestion of Misocrafty's tutorial of the figure 8 Cast on. I have 2 different socks on the needles as we speak. I will post pics tomorrow as it is too late for the reciepents to model their toes. I'm so excited 'til my prescription cough medicine (that normally flattens me) isn't having it's usual effect. I feel like singing I'm so excited. Lalala...dedede.......yipee.

Auntly H. and Helen, thank you for your suggestions also. There's nothing like the kindness of knitters when one is in distress.

Isn't it wonderful when you figure out that technique!!!!!!!! I love my knitting. I sound a bit to giddy even for me. Good night all.


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