Saturday, April 28, 2007
First-Sock Slogging

Here we go... drink it in while it exists in this state. I am about to frog it again. My sock is learnin' me. When I picked up and then dropped the heel wraps, using those itty bitty needles, and had to rip back to redo several rows three times, I finally decided to just let those wrap babies stay un-picked-up. As long as I didn't end up with giant portholes, I was going to be happy.
On the other hand, now that I've gotten this far (plus another 1/2" than the picture shows), I've decided the sock is just too small. It feels okay on the foot for the five minutes I admire it, but after I take it off I feel like I'm still wearing it for half an hour. I'm thinking I need a much deeper heel than I think my pattern is written for. Or, maybe it's something to do with my lovely new Tension Issues. I am seriously considering changing to a flap heel.

These may move forward and back, but I am still enjoying the toe-up sock thing. Once I get a sock that fits me, I'll be good for at least this one whole pair.


Blogger erasmus said...

oh no! I did the first of my heel turns ever on the train the other day. You've just made me realize I completely forgot to pick up the looped items. My heel is holey, but at least it matches both sides. *sigh* My next sock will be better.

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