Saturday, April 28, 2007
help help
I did not want to post until my daughter returned with the camera and the photo of my first pair of toe up.
But I'm on my second pair and the heel still eludes me. On the first pair I use the short row heel and ended up with a lot of holes, so on my second pair I was trying to use the rounded heel. but It just does look right. I love the toe up and would love to all my socks this way but I get to the heel and I am lost. Does anyone know of a video on short row? Please Help
Michele in Pa


Blogger Saffron said... has a video tutorial on 'short row with wrap'. While it's not specifically about heels, it helped me when I first started trying the short row heel. has a video tutorial on short row shoulder shaping that might be helpful as well.

Don't give up! :)

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