Saturday, September 29, 2007
Toe-ups with leaves motives

Hello everyone! It is not only my first toe-up, it is my FIRST message here :o)
I think it is a great idea with a toe-ups KAL!

My toe-ups number 1 are finished.
I’ve always done the cuff down sort of knit sock and it is certainly a
great learning experience for me. I never thought I'd say that toe up
socks are as nice as top down ;o) I am really loving this new method!

These socks are worked toe up with short row toes and a choice of short
row heels.

 I made a leaves stitch chart and if you like it you can download it

 I know the edging of cuff in toe-ups will never be as stretchy as
casting on at the cuff that is why I made a rolled cuff edge. I was
afraid about too frilly edge. And I like the edge!

 Ela's Blog

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
I'm back.......thank goodness
These are my STR in Monsoon colorway knitted toe-up on two pair of cirs These are my DD's STR in Walking on the Wild Tide colorway knitted toe-up using Addi and the Magic Loop method. These were finally completed last night.
I'm probably the last person that knits socks to finally have Addi Turbo needles but I just didn't like the cost. I finally found a company named Kangaroo and purchased 3 Addi Turbo needles for Magic Loop knitting for $28.00 including S&H, yes, that's right.

I've been lurking around looking at everyone's pics and love what you've been doing but have had a horrible time with my Blogger account and have changed my login info over 4 times and my PW double that amount. I was ready to give up but Chuddos go to OzKnitter for her help. Glad to be back in the group.

Saturday, September 22, 2007
I dub thee "Left Sock"
My first sock ever! I essentially knit it at least twice. Three toe attempts, and two or three rips on the shortrow heel, which was then too small after I finished it. Then a new gusset and flap heel, and two different starts up the cuff. I ripped back twice when I found holes from deeply dropped stitches. I worked the ribbing twice because my ribbing wasn't pulling in like I thought it should... I had to go out and buy 00 dpns. Then I made two attempts on the yarnover (stretchy) bindoff, which I ended up doing with a crochet hook--a valuable technique that was much more comfortable than all that pso'ing.

When I look at these, I am amazed at how my knitpicky perfectionism has mellowed over the years. This sock is full of wandering gauge and sloppy stitch issues. The sock is also too long by 1/2", but I don't care--better than 1/2" too short, which was way uncomfortable. I finished it a couple of months ago now, and I finally got "Right Sock" on the needles just this past week. I did Judy's Magic Cast On this time (LOVE IT!) and I'm planning a little different heel turn. Obviously, I'm not going to bother to try and match the stripes!

In between Mr Left and Mr Right, I was diverted by Nona's Sidewinders socks, which are worked longways, up and down the foot. I made ONE, and I learned a ton, but my guage was a bit floppy. I will frog it and try again. The pattern is free at

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Long Groovy Socks by Sock Pixie

I have used the Turkish Cast on for this , pattern can be found at This is a very easy pattern to remember looks good with a solid color yarn and with a varigated yarns. I have used the Bernat Hot Sock on skein for each sock .. used up about 99.9% of the yarn they are knee high for my 12 year old daughter

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

OK! Ive finished the Baudelaire sock and made good progress on the second,also nearly finished another pair of simple toe ups from Wendy Knits as a gift.
This is a Regia brand but I cant remember the name,Stripes? A bit harsh to knit but feel great on,lovely, easy to remember pattern too,Ill make more of this!
The second pair I'm working on are in one of Patonyles multicoloured ones but Ill have to add piccy later as I left them at work! Super soft,I wish they will produce more pretty colours. I have a stash of red that I found on Ebay and it hasn't been produced for some time looking after them as I know I cant get anymore!