Thursday, August 23, 2007
another pair

the color in the picture is not good. My gd broke my camera and the new one doesn't take good pictures. these are jitterbug yarn on size 3 needles to start and when I got to the increases I went with a size 2. I wanted to make sure the heel with tight enough. They came out great and I love the yarn.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
2005 Christmas socks--Done!

Yesterday I finally finished my first pair of toe up socks. I thought the heel looked odd until my husband tried them on--perfect fit! I did my regular bind off on the first sock, but there were some tightness issues, so for the second sock, I used EZ's sewn bind off--I lurv it! I'm going to re-do the bind off of the first sock.

I promised socks to Neal in 2005, and I cast on for Socktober fest in 2006. I'm so happy to finally be done, and I'll certainly try toe ups again!

Thanks for all the great links and encouragement! --Beverly

Monday, August 20, 2007
Lovein' It!

It is so amazing to try something new just because it is is different....and you end up loving it! I have been knitting socks for so long but always in the cuff-down style. I rarely use a pattern unless I am doing a lacey one. But toe-up called me--how could you turn the heel? I was intrigued! I stumbled on the short row heel used here, but it finally dawned on me what the goal was and it all came out just fine! The yarn, a superwash, is hand-dyed by JenyaLovesFiber , an EBay store; I spun it on my Ashford Joy wheel, the needles I used were 2.75mm by KnitPicks, the pattern for this was a freebie from Turtlegirl called Red Dwarf Socks.

Sunday, August 19, 2007
My First One Finished

I finished my first toe up sock. I used a combination of techniques. In fact each part of the sock came from a different pattern. Because it was an experiment, I used an old discontinued yarn from my stash. I enjoyed every part of the process except for the bind-off. It went down-hill at finishing time. For more details you can read about it on my blog. Suggestions for the perfect bind off are welcome! Susan