Monday, October 30, 2006
Back to basics 2

I managed to complete my first pair of toe-ups last night. I used the sock-it-to me plain toe-up pattern from, Lana Grossa Cotton Fantasy sock yarn (shade 813) and Bamboo 2.5mm dpns. The second sock is slightly neater than the first but overall I am really pleased with them. I made short ankle socks as i get really really bored just knitting round after round after round.

I am now looking for in my stash for some yarn to make my first cable toe-ups. I am going to use the cable toe-up pattern in the sidebar. I will probably use Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and use them as bed socks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006
another one bites the dust
my socks are no more. I got two toes and the whole of the foot and they were too big, even for me to wear.

Kudos to everyone on their perseverance! All the photos look great!

short row woes....
using yet another tutorial (by misocrafty), i kinda got the hang of short row heel....but one side came out ok and the other was loose and i think i skipped a beat....i notice that when i do cuff down with heel flaps, that one side, the knit side also looks loose....blogger won't let me upload pictures, so check my blog.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
My first ever pair of socks, done! I'm ridiculously proud of them. My 8 yr. old daughter loves them. I used the magic cast on, short row heels, a 3 x 2 rib on the cuff, and some kind of stretchy bind off that involved purling two together. Still, one sock is not as stretchy as the other and it takes a little doing to get it over the heel.

I'm hooked on sock knitting. I'm already casting on for another pair, this time for me! This blog has been a great source of motivation, inspiration, and support.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Finally Started!
After trying several different cast on methods, I'm having success with the Knitty Universal Toe Up sock pattern's short row toe. As I want to knit two on two circs, I decided I'll get the toe of one done, then the other, then put them both on the circs to knit at the same time.

I've been enjoying seeing all of your pictures and how your first toe ups are going!

Wyvern Socks

The Yarn

Love, love, love the yarn. Will have to see if I can find more Ruthie's Yarn. From the band it seems somewhat local (Mass) but cannot find on the internet.
Thank you again, B.

The Toe

After multiple frogs, to the point of worrying about if the yarn was going to take it any longer I've finally settled on the crochet cast on for my Wyvern socks. I am very happy with how it looks on and off the foot. The socks are moving along pretty quickly now that I am past the infernal toe. Already into my 2nd repeat.

Monday, October 23, 2006
Abandoning Ship
I finished my first sock and I’m so disappointed. It’s not the pattern’s fault. It’s mine. I turned the heel too early and just kept knitting anyway. I picked up stitches when it didn’t tell me too. Now it’s too tight in the heel and too loose at the cuff. I’m also not sold on the length. I think it should be taller. In short, it’s a disaster. And I don’t have the heart to fix it right now. I have a scarf to finish for my boyfriend before our vacation in November and I have a Drunken Argyle to finish for my dad before Christmas. We picked out the yarn LAST Christmas and I’m not sure I’m going to have it done in time. So I’m setting priorities and setting Wyvern aside. Thanks for all the toe up support everyone!


My first toe ups are done!

I am so proud!They turned out way better than I though they would.I just couldn't fathom how you could knit a heel and not have to pick up stitches.But it works!I used Wiseneedles toe ups pattern with a spiral rib for the leg.They are knit in sweetgeorgiaSpeed Demon sock yarn.The colorway is called River.I love this yarn!If you have tried it yet-get some.It is a but pricey but well worth it!
I am glad I stuck with a fairly simple design for my first pair.I think it made the process easier for me anyway.This is the first of many toe ups to come!

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Back to Basics
I chose my yarn (opal uni - brown), I chose my pattern (Baudelaire) and I cast on, and I frogged, cast on, frogged, cast on, frogged - getting the picture. Somehow I alwats managed to get to the heel turning and then end with totally wrong number of stitichs, or stitiches in the wrong place. Well, this yarn is now destined to become something else, and the lovely Baudelaire has been set aside for a (long) while.
I dedicded that maybe my first toe-up should be basic. So I grabbed some self-striping yarn from the stash, found a basic toe-up pattern from and cast on. Very soon I had acheieved this...

I am really liking the simplcity and love the colours of this yarn. I am hoping that this will be the ONE that becomes my first (completed) toe-up.

What have I learnt - well two different cast ons for starters, plus if at first you don't suceed, give up!

Friday, October 20, 2006
Frog, Frog, Frog
I've become an expert at the Figure 8 cast on. LOL, now I just need to stop frogging the yummy yarn that B from CT sent me.

I will be making the Wyvern socks as soon as I can figure out why I knit soooo much more tightly in the round than flat. So up another size needle and casting on again tonight. I will post pictures soon. I wanted to show some progress but I just need to show off the yarn ball, so dragonesque. Just perfect.

Never ever never ever
Hi everyone, I just love looking at all the beautiful socks you've created...I must set aside my many projects and join in......what would be the best (EASIEST) pattern and cast on method for someone who has NEVER EVER knitted socks before? Thank you.

just a swatch...
Just a picture of my swatch to show you how this yarn will knit up. I think this will do just fine. :)


More pictures on my blog:
slowly knitting

~Saffron :o)

Thursday, October 19, 2006
i don't know where to go....

i'm quite stuck! this will be my third try on the short row heels of this elfine's sock - i've undone the heel twice already. i've read cosmicpluto knits very excellent tutorial but my problem is picking up the wraps! it gets all undone or i'm unable to grab the wraps and hold on to them...any advice? i'm in limbo the meantime, i've finished a pair of mittens and have started fetching fingerless mitts.

Widdershinning it!
I'm done! I've casted off on my 1st pair of toe-ups. The traditional bind off is too tight even with trying it a 2nd time with larger needles. The third time I got smart and used the oh so stretchy sewn bind-off by Elizabeth Zimmermann that I found in Knitting Without Tears. Here is my Widdershins by Brooke Chenoweth Creel from the Summer 2006 Issue of Knitty:

I know, I know, not the most exciting of pictures but I just could not take a picture of me wearing my socks without making my feet look like Stumpy McStumpertons! This is Koigu KPPPM that just want to sing the praises of. Really, really lurvs it! This is also my first toe ups. Having only done 3 pairs of socks, I think I prefer the top down but will definitely go toe up again if only to do the cast on. Also you can stop knitting the socks whenever you feel like it! Tiennie

New to Post my Purty Toe Ups
I'm sorry it took so long to post.

I'm actually fairly new to the sock world of knitting so the opportunity of joining this group and diving into toe up. I have been quite surprised that they fit like they were made for me. Oh yeah I forgot I am making them! dah. All kidding aside.
I think my toe looks good and like I said the fit is great. Everything is going well even though I did take the easy way out on the Widdershins and am knitting them in the Plain Sock (stockinette) pattern.

Next I will be heading into foreign territory called the "gusset" and "turn heel" land. I hope all goes well on this journey. I will keep you posted as to how this goes.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one of the most important things about my socks and that is the yarn. I just love it.....don't you? The color is Hannah by Yarn Pirate I have so many colors of hers. I always say enough, but then I see a new one or one color that I haven't seen before and I must have it. Bad, bad, bad make me feel so good, good, good!

I love all the beautiful socks that others have shared on this site. It's just so much fun to do this with others.

Keep knitting.

Stitches In Pink (Patty's blog)

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Hello all, My first toe up sock is done:

I had issues with it, but they were soon resolved when Laura came to the rescue. There is a tiny hole when I re-joined the stitches to knit the leg, but Dani gave me some advice and hopefully the 2nd one will turn out much better.

BTW - Laura @ cosmicpluto posted some great instructions/photos of successfully knitting a short row heel without holes. Go check it out!


Misc notes
For those of you just finding our blog, welcome! This is an ongoing KAL so you're welcome to join at any time. Just email (emails are in the "Join Us" box, on the sidebar) and we'll send you an invite. The more the merrier.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

For those of you contemplating short-row heels you might like to check out this new short-row tutorial, complete with lots of photos:

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

My toe-ups, indeed all my knitting, are currently in a holding pattern due to a nasty cold.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Working on....
My Anastasia socks! This is the right foot and this poor toe has been frogged at least 3 times partially and 2 times totally! I am using the magic cast on, which I really like, I just kept either dropping a stitch or not happy with the way the increases were looking on the side. The yarn has held up wonderfully with this too! All Things Heather Golden Pear sportweight yarn. I am however, getting quite the interesting pooling going on. All the pink/burgundy colors are going on the sole while the rest are up here. I'm going to start the second sock and continue with this and see if it works out. I really hate to frog them because I do like it, it's interesting and different, much like me! :)

OH, and this is my very first time using a real knitting chart...Once I got it figured out...I am knitting away!

Everyone's are looking so good!! Keep it up! Yikes, in a day or so, my first short row heel!! Wonder if I'll want to avoid them too! :)

Avoiding the heel
Sock number one (Regia 4 ply wool in Zanzibar) is to heel-turn decision time. My heel of choice is the short row heel, and I haven't a clue how to proceed. However, with instructions in the "Sensational Knitted Socks" book and my sock knitting mentor, I should be able to master the heels by this weekend.

Here is my second toe-up start--Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Mountain Tango. It is yummy soft in a mohair/wool/nylon blend. The legs of both socks will be a simple ribbed pattern.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Look how silly my socks look off a foot. So long and skinny!

look at all the socks!! :) They all look great! I can't wait to read all the posts.

My apologies for not posting. RL has a way of getting in the way. But I have been knitting will post progress photos.

I do have a question... does anyone have any advice for tightening up the cast on for the figure-eight toe?

In the meantime, take a look at the yarn I'm working with. I love it!

slowly knitting

Have a good rest of the week! :)


Monday, October 16, 2006
One toe up done!

Isn't it pretty?? I am so excited!I too found it hard to believe that I did not have to pick up stitches on the heel.I too had a big huge hole on either side but didn't know how to fix it so I went back and darned it when I was finished binding off.I think I am gonna like this toe up thing.Off to cast on the second sock!

As the heel turns
I turned my first heel! I'm having a hard time telling if it's a little tight or if it will all be OK. I also find it unfathomable that the pattern didn't have me picking up any stitches. I decided to pick up four stitches on each side of the heel because if I didn't, there would have been a gaping hole. Don't know if that means I did something wrong or not. But it definitely looks ok. I'm going to keep going and if I decide they're too tight gift them to someone with smaller feet. ;)

What's This????

What's this?? These don't look like Toe-Ups!

Remember these: Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it ...................they went to the frog pond!

Everything went along smoothly for me until I got to the heel on the Widdershins pattern and I really, really, really didn't like knitting it. I didn't like how it fit on my heel either!

Since I am a self-taught knitter, I am NOT QUITTING! I'm going to try another pattern, probably the one in Charlene Schurch's Sensational Socks.

BTW, I am very proud of those who have persevered. We can do this!

Sunday, October 15, 2006
It really tangled me up !
Yes, I finally finished the Tangled Up In Blue socks while on holidays. This was my 1st toe-up using the Magic Cast-On & I am having 2nd thought about using this cast-on again. The 1st sock went well after a couple of tries but the 2nd sock was a nightmare - I just could not get the cast-on right - it took me 2 nights to figure it out - maybe I left my knitting skills back home as I was knitting in a different environment (motels?). I really felt so stupid after everything fell into place & I was knitting away. If I do try this cast-on again, I should cast-on 1 sock after another so that I won't forget how to do it later - anyway here they are ..... & I got the stripes to match (that's a consolation) ......

I am now knitting another pair of socks - this time using Wendy's toe-up pattern (which I am familiar with) & everything went like a breeze - just plain on the feet & basket weave rib pattern on the leg - here's the 1st sock .....

socks for who? socks for me!
Hey all! I'm signing in to say yay! I've figured out how to cast on for my first toe ups. I was participating in Socktoberfest 2006 and found this KAL and ring too. I've decided to do Widdershins by Brooke Chenoweth Creel from Summer 2006 issue of Knitty. The yarn is Koigu KPPPM. I love this yarn, these colors, this pattern, this method and it's going so fast! Took me awhile to figure out how to do the cast on but like everyone thing else, once I figured it out, it was so easy.

Can't wait to finish these socks since the weather has definitely turned to wet, rainy fall in Seattle. Hope all your toes are getting toasty too! Tiennie

Saturday, October 14, 2006
My first toe ups take 2

I sent my first one to the frog pond.I had a real issue with not having tightened up the toe enough.I thought I can go back later and darn it up.But I thought forget it!So a frogging I went.Yesterday I got some incredibly gorgeous yarn from sweetgeorgia. I couldn't wait to cast on so I tried again and this time got it right!I figured out its like tightening up a shoe lace to get to all come together.So here it is!The colorway is called River and the pics do absolutely no justice to the color.It is gorgeous!Well off to knit some more!

Friday, October 13, 2006
Still loving it.
I've struggled a little bit with this pattern, but it's the following the chart part, not the toe up part. I love how it's coming along though! I've got 4 pattern repeats done and the pattern says it should be about 5 til you do the heel. I can't wait. Turning the heel is the best part. A friend said short row heels don't fit her as well as heel flaps, so I'm interested to see how it turns out.


My Socks & I
My socks and I are currently having a disagreement.

Why? Well, I like to knit a pair of socks "together". So, in this case I've cast on and knitted the foot of the first sock and now it's ready for the gusset, so it's waiting on the other sock to catch up. Then (when I had a block of free time) I cast on the second sock... actually I should say I "attempted" to cast on the second sock. I frogged it a couple of times, and thought I finally had it right... until I noticed a couple of "holes" *sigh*

As a result, they're currently in "time out" and I've cast on another pair of "top down" socks and I'm knitting on those until I have another block of free time and can try the cast on again. Instead of casting on with a black section of the yarn, as I've been doing, I'm going to move along a bit to a grey section. That's got to be easier to see what I'm doing ;-)

OzKnitter (win TimTams)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Socks in trees
I've turned the heel! It's not perfect, but I can live with it. I did the short row heel and it does look much better than my ill-fated short row toe. I'm thinking for the second sock I might try the yarn over method of short rows. I also figured out that my sock yarn is Bernat Sox, 40% nylon, 60% acrylic. It does feel a bit cheap, but the striping is cool. I'm onto the calf, using a knit 3, purl 2 ribbing. My daughter wants them about mid-calf, so I've got several more inches to go.

I took the sock with me today on our field trip to the Treetop Trail, to get a Yarn Harlot-esque picture. My photo isn't too good, since I was using my cell phone camera and trying not to fall out of the tree tops. I definitely need to work on my photography skills.

Becca at Forward Motion

Monday, October 09, 2006
Progress Report
Going smoothly, nothing to report.



Guess I'm ready for the HEELS on my toe-ups (she says as she is biting her nails and trembling in fear).

Sunday, October 08, 2006
I am so bummed I was going to cast on my toe up socks last night but I found out that I misremembered the yarn I was planning to use. Not only is it not wool, it's worsted weight (cotton). Now I gotta find something else that is Koigu KPM-esque. So I have to wait for 2 weeks before I have money to buy some yarn. Seriously need to build up a sock stash.

I have finally settled on Wyvern because my feet are pretty much small chunky retangles and most socks especially store bought don't fit. I am looking forward to see how the ribbed bottoms work for me.

Good news is that I started Ryne's socks and they are going to be cool! (Cuff down in Regia Mini Ringel Blue 5219)

Why I Prefer Toe Up Socks
I have written about why I prefer to knit socks toes first over at my blog, Serenity Farms - be sure to go and take a look!

It has been a busy weekend and I don't have much knitting to show for myself! It is fun reading what others are doing, though ;)

Cary ~ writing from Serenity Farms

Saturday, October 07, 2006
Got my first toe up toes!

I cast on with the figure eight.It took me a couple of tries to get used to it.I sure am glad I cut my nails this morning!I think I am really gonna like this toe up business.The only problem I had was getting the toe stitches to pull up tight.Any suggestions?

Ta-da!! Finally, a figure 8!

Thanks to the sidebar, I have finally managed to get a toe-up on the needles!

The pattern I'm using is from Yarn magazine Winter 2006, and unfortunately the instructions leave a lot to the imagination! (as well as having a few errors, so if you're thinking of using it, be a little cautious)

It took 4 attempts, then my first successful go, I frogged it after realising I'd cast on for one size too big.

Still, as I knit along, it's fascinating to see the mosaic pattern developing!

Friday, October 06, 2006
Toe-Ups in Progress
These are my first toe-up socks, started way back in June. (They are poofy because the yarn is tucked inside the toes for easy handling.) These were started for the Six Sox KAL using the Color Blox pattern, which is made to use up scraps. When I encountered difficulty following the pattern, I switched to using Queen Kahuna's book, which the pattern seems to be based on. I am almost finished with the gusset increases and after the heel turn I will do the cuff in basic ribbing.

I bought Queen Kahuna's book almost a year ago but could not do the cast on after several tries. This time it clicked. The book is extremely detailed and redundant, but if you can sift out the actual directions, they are quite good. I've noticed that I am not the only one who has had trouble conquering the toe-up cast on, but eventually it works. I'm looking forward to finishing these socks during this KAL and maybe starting another toe-up pair with some hand-dyed yarn that has limited yardage.

I'm really glad to be a part of this. It's really encouraging seeing everyone's progress.

A Note About the Webring
If you have joined the webring, please make sure you put the webring code, with your site id, into your blog template. You will be activated once it is in place on your blog.

And, for those of you who have not joined, I encourage you to jump in the ring!

I've got a toe done!
Hi everyone,
As part of Socktoberfest I'm learning how to do toe up socks and Magic Loop. The pattern I'm using is here. So far I've figured out the Magic Cast-On from Knitty and I'm happily magiclooping along the foot. And it only took 2 tries. I'm looking at the heel as being the high point on the rollercoaster. I don't like rollercoasters. I'm going to go work on the not so scary part right now. Happy knitting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006
Hi everyone! Happy Socktoberfest! I decided to try a new technique and that's why I'm here! I am using the Magic Cast on from Knittytm. So after frogging and restarting at least 4 times. I think I've got it. I hope to work on them this weekend, just need to finish another sock first.

Anastasia Socks with All Things Heather Sportweight Superwash Merino in Golden Pear. So soft! Hopefully posting more progress in a few days! Good luck everyone! :)

5th...6th...time is the charm?

Obviously, this KAL is exactly the place for me. I really want to knit socks. I figured I'd start with a pair for my 8 yr. old daughter, since she's pretty forgiving of my learning curve. This is my first attempt. Damn center pull skein. I used Wendy's Toe Up sock pattern, but picking up the double wraps was hard for me. I wasn't at all happy with the way the short-rows looked, and it took me a lot of time and frustration to knit just one double wrapped stitch. The sock ended up being a shade too small anyway and really thick. I had another skein of the yarn, which I wisely wound into a ball before I began again.

This time I tried Purly's yarn over short rows (great tutorial!) with two circulars and that went much, much better. The first few rows were crappy looking until I got the hang of it, so I frogged and began again. One thing I didn't like about either of the short row toes is that the stripes didn't go 'round and 'round the toe, but back and forth. I'm think I'm just weird like that.

I decided to give the Magic Cast on a try. The tutorial on Knitty looked really scary, but after about 6 tries, I got the idea. My toe looked great!

Except for the very pointy toe. I think I had 10 stitches on each needles. When my daughter tried it on, it looked as though she had a little hat at the top of her toes.

I tried again last night, using more stitches at the toe and the Widdershins pattern as a guide for increases, and now it's looking just right.

I'm going to try a short row heel, but I've got a bad feeling about those double wraps. It's great to see everyone else's efforts.

Becca at Forward Motion.

My First Toe-Up Sock

Here's my first toe-up sock. I'm using the Widdershins pattern from Knitty and the cast-on the pattern links to.

I think I'm doing pretty well. I've only frogged once, and that was just the cast-on and a couple of rows. I have a little under an inch of the foot left to knit, so once I've done that bit I'll cast on the second sock and knit the foot.

Yarn: Patons Patonyle #4310 (4ply/fingering weight sock yarn)
~ chosen because I know it machine washes beautifully and because I knew it would withstand the frogging I thought I'd be doing
Needles: 2.25mm bamboo DPNs x 4


Tangled Up In Blue
When I heard of this KAL, I just had to join as I love knitting socks from toe up. I only started knitting socks this year & was not really enjoying it because of picking up of stitches on the heel - my 1st pair did not looked right. Then I read about Wendy's toe up technique & decided to give it a try - now I am addicted to socks knitting & had knitted 4 pairs so far. I am knitting my 5th pair & decided to try a different technique for the toe - the Magic Cast-On....for Tangled Up In Blue socks, a free pattern from Persistent Lana Grossa's Fantasy Sock yarn (cottom/wool) ....
I only managed to get the Magic Cast-On right after the 3rd attempt & finished the 1st sock - love the way the heel was formed - easy & effective. I just cast on the 2nd sock & the toe is not really looking that great - may have to frog it & give it another try !

Ann :)

i finally did it!

after many, many attempts, i finally produced a decent toe using the figure 8 method with helps from the sidebar. it's different doing increases after being used to decreases with the cuff-down method; but i'm determined to get this going to the finish. i hope i picked the right pattern for myself as i've been holding on to elfine's socks for some time now.... i'm using knitpicks essential in 'grass'....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Take 2.

Well after a pattern repeat I decided it really was too loose and too big. So I started a second time with the second ball on size 1s. Much better!


Just saying 'hello'
Hi everyone! My name is Becky. I'm still a fairly new sock knitter (only two pairs to my name), but I'd like to venture into the toe-up sock world. Does anyone have any good toe-up patterns they could share with me? I'm taking part in Socktoberfest as well and all ready have one pair of socks on the needles, but wanted to find some good toe-up patterns to get me going.

My introduction
I make socks, though I have not caught the sock "bug." I am currently hoping to be finished with christmas stockings for me, DH and DC. I have tried toe-up a few times, but haven't yet gotten the hang of the toe (of course). Maybe this will be the "Ticket".

My blog is

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Third Time's the Charm they say........the third time's the charm! On the third attempt I finally was able to get the cast on correct. I ended up frogging the two attempts using the Magic Cast-On. I went to the Toe Up Tutorial link in the sidebar and used Denise's method and it worked. I expect we will all have to find what we are comfortable with. After I get this first pair of Widdershins completed I want to try some other methods of casting on for ToeUps.

BTW, I am really loving this new method........anyone with me on that? I used to dread that last final stretch of doing the toe on toe-downs. Now, I have it all over with!

On an administrative note - if any of you have links to patterns or other helps that I can put in the sidebar, please let me know. Also, if your name is not listed under participants and you know you accepted the invitation to join the site, please let me know. I have more names than blogsites so if your name is missing it is probably because I don't know your blogsite.

Several people have asked if we will continue the blog after Socktoberfest and the answer is an emphatic YES. As long as we have an indication that you guys want to continue we will keep the blog up. I know Lolly is hoping we do.

Have a happy toe-up-ing kind of day!

Thanks to our hostesses for letting me join. Last spring I knit my first "two socks on two circs" and loved it...and I've been wanting to knit two toe up on two circs ever since. My Socktoberfest goal is to (finally) knit the socks I promised my boyfriend last Christmas. I'm going to use a heavier weight (worsted) wool, and just a simple pattern to give me the opportunity to focus on the new technique.

I'm looking forward to tracking everyone's progress and getting support for mine along the way!

Purls of wisdom from "The Knitaholic"
The Knitaholic and I are in the same S'n'B group, and she sent me the following email...

"Hi OzKnitter,
I've just been looking at your toe-up socks blog.
I've just finished my first toe-up socks and found them much easier and more logical than the top-down version. I'm looking at doing the Diamante toe up socks from the current fall Knitty. (
I'm now no longer a toe-up socks virgin and hence not qualified to join the blog, but I thought I might offer two tips based on what frustrated me the most when I did the toe-up pattern.
After "getting" the figure 8 cast-on (excellent instructions here: the biggest challenge was finding a cast-off that was loose-enough for the top of the socks. I found that the traditional cast-off, even with a much larger needle was still too tight. I then found this solution somewhere on the internet (and promptly lost the link) - so I am not claiming this as my own invention..

Top-of socks stretchy cast-off
Knit 2 stitches together. Loosen up the resulting stitch (I found I got the right amount by stretching out the ribs). Slip the loosened stitch back onto the left needle. Knit it and the next stitch together. Loosen up the resulting stitch. Repeat until one stitch is left and slip the yarn through the final loop."

- - - - - - - - - -

I've posted this with her permission.

I love the idea of this KAL. I actually started my first toe-up sock (and my 2nd pair of socks ever) on September 24th so this is a happy coincidence. I'm very much the newbie knitter so everything about this process has been new to me. Below is a picture of my very first short row heel that I did on Friday, Sept 29th.

It's worsted weight yarn using size 6 dpns. This really was intended to be a practice sock but since it fits, I find myself wanting to make another.

See more pictures on my blog...


Monday, October 02, 2006
I'm making Wyvern with handpainted yarn from Sunshine Yarns. I followed the short row toe from Knitty. I got through the short row pretty easily, but I'm worried it's knitting up too loose and that maybe I should drop down a needle size (or two). I'm going to work on it a little more to see how the pattern looks first though.


Halfway through my first foot

Hello everyone,

I just joined this KAL today, which was coincidentally 24 hours after starting my first toe-up socks (on 2 circs for the first time). I am certainly enjoying being able to slide the sock on without battling with double points.

No pattern planned yet. I'll probably just choose something simple from Sensational Knitted Socks this time around.

Have fun everyone! Here's a picture of my Halloween-themed socks.

My next attempt at a sock.
I've actually knit 2 socks previously, not matching and no longer existing. Yes, I frogged them both just before casting off. I am a process knitter and I LOVED knitting those socks. But this time I am determined to make a pair that I (me, myself) can wear.

I am going to use Windershins as the basis and include something from my Sensational Socks book for inspiration - since I almost never fool a pattern exactly.

I haven't decided which yarn to use yet, either the Magic Stripes that has been used before or Regia (rainbowy) or Texas (denimy) - all of them tucked away somewhere in my stash.

I won't be casting on until later this week, gotta finish 2 pieces of a belated baby shower gift first.

Yarn, Pattern and Strikeout

Good morning fellow Toe-Uppers!

I will be attempting to knit Widdershins with the Socks That Rock yarn that my One Skein Pal gave me. I say "attempting" because last night I tried the magic cast on and got totally confused. Of course, my first attempt was when I was very exhausted after a long day and several subsequent nights of little sleep. I'll try again when I'm rested and fresh. Meanwhile, here is a picture of my lovely skein of yarn being divided into two balls.

Socks for Mum

New Cast On
I did manage to cast on and work through the toe increases of my sock yesterday. The Magic Cast On from Knitty, referred to in the Widdershins pattern, was new to me and although it looks a little intimidating at first (and was a little awkward for me to hold....I sat here at the computer screen, needles in hand - LOL!) It actually was very easy to do!

Hurray, something new learned!!!

I'm going to look at it again in the light of day and slip it over my toes to see if I like it as well as my usual toe-up cast on. I'm also not entirely happy with the yarn I am using. Its one of those things where you know you are taking a chance with colors on the monitor, but this is looking a bit like pea soup with some brown thrown in ;( Not exactly a winner...sigh. And in one my favorites...Socks That Rock yarn. But I have been surprised before, so will keep working to see what develops. If I get a chance I will get a picture today.

Cary at Serenity Farms

Sunday, October 01, 2006
Patterns chosen
I am really excited to be joining this KAL as I have a few patterns that are toe-up which I would love to make. The thing about toe-ups that scares me is the different cast-on techniques. With top down it is possible to use my tried nad tested cast-on whatever the pattern. I am ready to bite the bullet and knit some toe-ups. I have found two patterns that I really want to have a go at, these are Baudelaire and Love Me Knot. I haven't yet decided on yarn but will be casting on very soon. I have used the illusion knit technique before when I knitted Rosalind so am looking forward to the Love Me Knot, however I will knit Baudelaire first.
Wish me luck!